Inside Some Of The Worlds Coolest Offices

From some of the most famous brands in the world, to less-known up and coming companies, Zipcube takes a look into their uber cool office spaces.
‘Where you work determines how you work’ and to get the most out of your team, you need to find a space that really inspires them. So if you think your job is boring, these offices will just make you want to go to work every day. Let’s give a look at the coolest workspaces we’ve found:

Airbnb HQ

Airbnb, the online marketplace for unique accommodation, recreates some of their top listings inside the office! The open office style is used to create a relaxed vibe, and this is also the trigger of lots of daily creative brainstorming sessions between co-workers. Employees are provided with super-healthy organic only lunches prepared by the office’s own specialist chef. The premises also boasts a rooftop terrace, which Co-Founder Nate says has held some ‘pretty epic’ events.

Pinterest HQ

This arty company’s HQ promotes a ‘crafty culture’, with an area specially dedicated to ‘coffee and fresh prints’, which lets employees get creative whilst grabbing their latte.

From the real life giant pin board created by workers, to a fully functioning bar, interior ideas from employees are more than welcome by the Pinterest bosses.

BarkBox HQ

BarkBox moves away from the traditional receptionist greeting at their HQ. Instead, technology is the replacement; guests check in via a built in ipad. The company continues this theme, with more ipads in the kitchen so staff can even re-order coffee if they’re running low! The office is also kitted out with anything a dog could need, so now, everyday is bring your pet to work day for BarkBox employees.

Quirky HQ

Quirky’s office is full of fun, and showcases some of worlds coolest inventions. Each item in the office, from stationary and gadgets, to furniture and kitchenware is made by Quirky applicants who are talented inventors hoping for their work to be manufactured by the enterprise. This video’s definitely worth checking out, especially if your not familiar with Quirky’s work.

YouTube HQ

Being the worlds largest video search engine, and one of the most recognisable brands in the world, its no surprise YouTube managed to pull off one of the novel and fun headquarters you’ve ever seen. You’ll see a rock climbing wall, mini golf, and, yes a giant slide!

Etsy HQ

This Brooklyn-based company definitely practices what they preach. Being an online market places for buyers and sellers of vintage and handmade ‘stuff’, their office is full of items off their own website. New staff are even given £100 to spend on the website, pretty cool right?

Why not take a look at to see if you can find the perfect workspace or meeting room to make your day as productive as possible. We also list some spectacular event spaces where you to can hold some ‘epic events’. 


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