Passport to Pitchswag

Pitchswag™ is an online incubator bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, experts and co-founders. Annually they organise Passport to Pitchswag – an event where all those people can meet offline to network, pitch ideas, fundraise and invest. Zipcube have been shortlisted for the Passport 2 Pitchswag Pitch competition and we hope you agree that we would be deserving finalists.

In the world where it is hard to ignore the co-working revolution, where 87% of white collar employees of multinational companies conduct at least part of their work virtually people need a good alternative to the traditional office and conference room onsite. People need Zipcube!

We develop, aggregate and operate an online public market and booking service for meeting and event spaces. Most websites are enquiries sites, you have to wait several hours, sometimes days to confirm a booking. We are a game changer in the room hiring industry.

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Zipcube makes it possible to:

Save time. Book, not just enquire.

Save money. Greater choice offers cheaper alternatives.

Stay productive wherever. 

Get all you need. Gain access to the broadest selection of professional spaces. Amazing places for private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces and even photo shoots.

Get the best price. Only pay for the space you use. No contracts or hidden fees. Zipcube assures full price transparency.

Book hassle free. Book confidently by the hour or by the day. You are in control of where, when, and how you want to work or meet.

We are one of the most innovative startups in the silicon roundabout. Our unique international team is really enthusiastic about what we do and this is why we do it so well!

In our first year Zipcube has already won best start up at Thinking Digital and come second from across Europe at the Pirate pitch. We are backed by UKTI, and Ignite100.

Number of our clients is increasing. Searching and booking time is getting shorter and shorter. We’re growing quickly, we want to grow even quicker. The P2P Pitch Competition prize would help us to expand Zipcube revolution UK-wise.