5 Beautiful Baby Shower Venues in London

Once upon a time, baby showers were seen as a uniquely American tradition: the kind of thing an expectant mother would only get up to if they also celebrated Labor Day and the 4th of July.

But like a lot of traditions which have begun to make their way across the Atlantic, baby showers are being embraced by parents-to-be in the UK as a fun way to celebrate the impending arrival of their newborn.  Before the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes makes celebrating an unlikely luxury.

If you’re helping to organise a baby shower – either for yourself, a close friend or family member – we’ve put together a selection of fantastic venues in which to exchange gifts and play parlour games: all available to book online through Zipcube.

1. Gallery 2


If you’re looking for an elegant space which still feels intimate and warm, then we would strongly recommend Gallery 2 at The Pelham Hotel. The hotel itself is the epitome of five-star refinement and this gorgeous meeting suite blends old-fashioned elegance with a modern style sensibility.

2. Betty Blythe


If cupcakes and vintage bunting are more your sort of thing, then you can take a step into the 1920s at Betty Blythe’s Tea Room. The team over at Betty’s pride themselves on hosting themed parties and events which can transport you back to the golden age of flapper dresses and Art Deco indulgence.

3. The Nash Room


Do you prefer cool interiors and plush furnishings? If you want a baby shower that has an air of Arts & Crafts style to it, then The Nash Room might be just what you’re looking for. Exchange presents and share a laugh with your nearest and dearest in an exquisitely presented drawing room.

4. The Rib Room


Are your parents-to-be closet foodies? Do you think they’d appreciate a spot of fine dining alongside the baby shower itself? The Rib Room is a choice spot for those who enjoy private dining as a crucial add-on to any major celebration.



Of course, a baby shower doesn’t have to be a tea and cake affair. Those who are with child may not be able to drink, but that’s not to say they won’t want everyone else to enjoy some tipple and make merry. If you’d like more of a party atmosphere for your shower, then the upstairs Arch Space at SAMA can be hired out privately. It makes an ideal space for dancing and frivolity.

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