The Journey Thus Far

The idea for Zipcube was born March 2014 when founder Guillaume Santacruz had trouble booking a meeting room. Finding a comfortable place to work quietly was impossible. Contacting venues for meeting rooms or office spaces was cumbersome, and his inquiries would get lost in the shuffle. Guillaume knew that Zipcube would have to venture from concept to reality.

Relationship building and working with industry experts sprouted the online booking system that you see today. Along the way, David Hellard, former Marketing Lead at Accenture, left his corporate world cubicle and joined the entrepreneurial excitement and a little further down the road Will Dugdale, developer and entrepreneur, became convinced by the concept and joined the team as CTO.

We have been selected amongst a group of 1,500 entrepreneur entrants for Sirius Programme, a leading accelerator programme in the United Kingdom that is partnered with UKTI. Solidifying a spot with Sirius Programme, our journey continues at Ignite100. We are determined to supply London, and soon the world, with the ease of online-booking of meeting rooms, event venues, and office spaces. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and connect on LinkedIn to be apart of the excitement that is Zipcube. Spaces at your fingertips, whenever and wherever.

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